From 2004-2011, the Acamar Journal covered the excesses building up within the global financial system. It warned of a US recession in the November 2006 issue, well ahead of the crisis that began in July 2007. And it predicted both the crash of 2008 and the historic bull market in gold.

The Acamar Journal provides credible and insightful information that is not generally found in the mainstream media. It is of value to those who want to know more about the global economy and how it affects them.

Written in a visual, user-friendly format, the Acamar Journal is distributed free of charge about twice a month while the website provides a regular stream of market news, charts and other useful information.
Acamar's publisher lived in Dubai for six years, working as a Director of Investments for a large investment and operating group. He obtained a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Economics at the London School of Economics and is a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA). He has previously worked as a Chief Financial Officer of a publicly listed company in the insurance industry in Canada, and has also been a CEO of a company with a 1.9 million ounce gold deposit.

He therefore brings a unique international perspective to his readers.


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